This is a brief overview of our recycling process.

1. You Drop Off Your Item(s)

When you drop off your item(s) they are visually inspected and loaded for secure storage.

2. Sorting

After an event, the items are sorted into bins by “type” of electronics. Computers, laptops, cables, monitors, etc.

3. Stage 1 Break Down

After sorting all the items into categories they are ready to be broken down. They are then sorted and placed into bins. (Motherboards, Hard Drives, RAM, etc.)

4. Stage 2 Break Down

Once the components are removed from the devices they are taken a step further, and are disassembled. Hard Drives are broken down and the components are left in an even less recognizable state, at this point, they are completely unusable and secure.

5. Shipping

Once the items are broken down to their base components, they are shipped to our recycling partners for further processing.

6. Final Destruction

Our recycling partners utilize various chemical and physical means to break down and melt the components so that the base metals and alloys can be reconstructed and then used in future products.